About us

With decades of experience in professional organizations we now want to help others who can benefit from our expertise. Kessel Consultants is a collaboration of Iris Steen, who has worked as an independent advisor since 2006, and Anton-Jan Bons, who started as a consultant in 2021.

Our name

Kessel is the part of Kessel-Lo where we are located and from where we acquired most of our expertise. The name Kessel can still be found in names like the Kesselberg hill, the Kessaldal valley, and the mythical castle Kesselstein. In 1827 Kessel was merged with Lo (Boven-Lo, Beneden-Lo, Platte-Lo) to form Kessel-Lo, which became part of the municipality of Leuven in 1977.

Our logo is a cairn. Cairns are stacks of stones that are built to show the way to other travellers. They're built by people who have traveled that path before. This way the expertise of some can help others to move forward.

Process coaching

We are process coaches. This means that we offer support during the design, planning and execution of projects in organizations and companies. The work itself and the final decision making is still done by those organizations themselves.

How can we help you?

Contact us and together we will look at the possibilities.