Process coaching in organizations

With decades of experience in professional organizations we now wish to help others who can benefit from our expertise

Iris Steen

Process coaching and counseling, mostly in the areas of culture, heritage, nature, landscape and tourism

Building on my expertise in process coaching and my experience in education, policy development and project management, I coach social profit organizations who need to develop a new concept, vision, strategy, or who want to change the way they work. In the past few years the development and support of networks within and between organisations has become a focal point

Anton-Jan Bons

Coaching of research programs and projects, especially in the area of microscopy and other analytical techniques

Having worked in research and development for more than 37 years, in academia and industry, I now support organisations and companies in the area of analytical techniques, especially microscopy. I coach research programs and offer support for projects such as the acquisition of equipment or the design of laboratories.

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